When a client comes into the office, the practitioner will first do an assessment to help isolate specific areas that need attention and determine the best approach for treatment. There is not one approach to treatment, it is the client’s discomfort that will dictate the treatment direction the practitioner takes.

Remaining fully clothed, the client will be asked to sit or lie down on the treatment table. The practitioner will begin working with the area that is causing the client the most discomfort. Once that area is alleviated, the practitioner will re-evaluate the condition and work outward from there.

Gay Domain Hands On Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner

For example, if there is knee pain, once relief in that area is achieved, the practitioner will move to the ankle and then the hip. This practice is in keeping with the premise that everything is connected and interrelated. Pain or muscle contraction in one area leads to another and so on.